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BSI Website Support Services

We’re available to build, design, host and support a website for you. If you want a professional, fast and stable website with professional hosting which doesn’t crash or spend excessive time offline, then speak to us. We give you the option to either give us your own design and artwork and we’ll simply set up the site for you and once set up, you can have editor’s remote access. Or we would be happy to have our own creative team of designers, design the site for you to your specifications and even create professional and memorable branding for you which works with the site.

Then, if requested, we can also handle all social media linked to your website and actively drive clients to your site. Again, you will have the choice of either handling the general editing through your own access once the website is set up, or we can always be available to handle all the editing and maintainance of the site for you.

With dozens of free and low cost amateur ‘website building’ programmes available online and advertised on television, it can prove confusing when you need to decide which system is right for your business?

Whilst matching the low costs of the basic website building programmes, we offer a comprehensive and personal service whereby a professional IT website specialist will work directly with you to ensure that you are fully supported every step of the way and that you will always have your appointed specialist available to discuss and help you develop your website, as well as maintaining it in the future.

The needs of a professional business website are vastly different from the vast majority of website users and creators, which is why we are pleased to utilise the world leading professional Content Management System ‘WordPress’. Utilising our comprehensive ‘WordPress’ systems, we will design and build your website to fit your professional commercial needs and can then ensure that the site doesn’t then just ‘sit’ there waiting to be found, but will utilise some of the most comprehensive professional social media systems in the world to drive ‘traffic’ directly to your site, with our Mobile and Social Media integration allowing anyone on any device or media platform the ability to view your website without issue.

To see comprehensive details of our Social Media services at a price which suits you, click here.

For price of our website build and support service, click here.